Mega 450 Delay Box

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  • Biondo Mega 450 Delay Box
  • Biondo Mega 450 Delay Box


• "CROSSTALK" compatible
• The Largest Lit Up Display Ever! is the ultimate in user friendliness! (everything is in English)
• Positive feel "lit up" keypad for simple and quick programming (even with gloves on)
• Crossover Delay Box with a secondary delay, and "How Late" Display
• Tap up / Tap down, to .001.
• Control for Pro Tree "Easy Start System"
• "Starting Line Enhancer" for Full Tree Racing
• Built in Digital Tach with FULL RUN REPLAY and peak rpm recorder
• 2 Separate - 4 Stage Timers controls throttle stops and/ or nitrous systems etc. (Programmable to the thousandth (.001))
• Our patented "Programmable Throttle Stop Override"
• Shift Activator Output allows you to shift on Time or RPM up to 5 times
• Built in "Driver Reaction Tester"
• Programmable "Push Button Interrupt Time"
• A Spare Output that can be hooked up to a linelock for anti-roll staging
• Compatible with all cylinder engines
• Compatible with all Ignitions
• 12 and 16 volt compatible

• Face size: 6-11/16" x 5" x 1-3/4"
• Total size: 8-11/16" x 5" x 1-3/4"

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