Pneumatic Shock Timer Bleed Off System

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Use of this Pneumatic Shock Bleed-Off Timer System allows the shocks to be stiff on the launch and then soften up to give you a smoother ride over any bumps down track. When air pressure is applied to most pneumatic shocks, the rebound is stiffened to provide more traction during the launch. Being able to have the shock stiff on the launch and soft down track has proven to be the best of both worlds, by improving 60 ft times on the starting line, and improving top end MPH by riding the bumps better down track.

To start the timer, provide a power signal to the timer at the launch. This can be done many ways using the trans brake or a clutch switch to start the timer. Simply flip the switches on the timer to the ON position and add up the amount of time for each switch in the ON position to achieve the desired amount of time when you want valve to activate from the start signal to release the CO2 pressure to the shocks. It typically takes about .2 to .3 seconds from the time the valve activates to when the pressure is released and the shocks go soft.

During installation, connect a launch signal power wire to one side of the timer. Hook up one of the wires on the valve to the other side of the timer to receive power. Hook the other wire on the valve to a chassis ground.

System includes airline tubing needed to supply the shocks from the timer base. The solenoid valve in this system is not recommended for air regulators over 180 PSI. Air bottle and regulator is required for pneumatic systems (sold separately).

• Qty 1 - Air solenoid valve
• Qty 1 - Solid state timer
• 10 ft - 1/4" airline
• 6 ft - 5/32" airline
• Qty 1 - 1/4" to 5/32" Y
• Qty 2 - 1/4" to 1/8" NPT 90° fittings
• Qty 1 - Air muffler
• Qty 1 - 1/8" NPT plug
• Qty 1 - Carbon fiber mounting board
• Qty 4 - Vibration mounts

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