Pressure Differential V-Net Module with Sensor, 0-40" of Water

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Pressure Differential, 0-40" of water.

This sensor measures the pressure differential between the two pressure ports. One port is marked High and the other is marked Low. The port marked High should be connected to the higher of the two pressures you wish to measure. The port marked Low should go the lower pressure. The ports feature a barb design which allows of the easy installation of pressure lines to allow remote monitoring of the pressures.

For a function to be monitored on the V-Net the signal from that function must pass through two components, a sensor and a module. The sensor is the unit that actually measures the input from the function (ie: pressure, temperature, movement, RPM), while the modules serves the purpose of converting and ‘conditioning’ the signal from the sensor so it can be transmitted over the V-Net cable. Although they can be purchased separately, for your convenience we have assembled a selection of sensors and modules that are commonly used in conjunction with each other. These module/sensor assemblies are pre-programmed for the uses indicated. They are ready to plug & play.

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