Pro 4130 Double Adjustable Ladder Bar Suspension Package

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RJ-302503 | RJ-302503-1


Quarter-Max's ladder bar suspension packages exclusively feature an original Rick Jones design for reduced binding and side load. Everyone that has ever made adjustments to a ladder bar car knows how difficult and painful it can be to reinstall the ladder bars after any adjustment is made. The innovative design of our ladder bars means that you will never again have to get the pry bar out to reinstall your ladder bars.

Our Ladder Bar Suspension Systems include:

  • Ladder Bars
  • Rod End Safety Hoop
  • Rod Ends 
  • Diagonal Link 
  • Strange Single or Double Adjustable Shocks 
  • Springs 
  • Top Shock Crossmember 
  • Adjustable Lower Shock Mount 
  • All Hardware
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