RaceAir Remote Pager Weather Station

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The RaceAir Remote Pager Weather Station is Computech's top of the line pager weather station. You also get the RaceBase Plus free of charge allowing you to get your predicted ET, Throttle Stop and Tune Up predictions straight to your pager. You can simply mount the trailer weather station directly to your trailer and it will stream and download weather directly to your PC computer. The outer shell of the weather station is powder coated in a durable white finish to aide in reflecting the suns rays as well as keeping it clean. Inside is a stronger fan as compared to the RaceAir Pro to make sure we can move fresh air past the sensors all day long. To wrap it up we coat the actual circuit board in a thick silicone sealant to make sure the elements don’t cause any issues.

When you purchase a Computech RaceAir Remote Trailer Weather Station you are guaranteed to get the highest quality and most accurate weather station in the motor-sports industry. Every weather station is custom calibrated in Computech's custom calibration tank. The sensors are exposed to 40-100° temperatures, 10% to 90% humidity and 29.40 to 30.50 barometric pressure. The weather station doesn’t leave Computech's office unless it is within 1°, 1% humidity and .01" of mercury.

RaceAir Remote Pager Weather Station Features
• Pager w/Case
• Powder Coated Aluminum Housing
• Completely Weatherproof
• 40' of Cable
• Antenna
• Antenna Cable
• Antenna Mounting Bracket
• Pager Interface Box
• Weather Pro Software
• Easily Graph Weather Variables
• Time Stamp Runs On The Graph
• Chart For Easy Data Search
• Exportable to Excel
• RaceBase Pro Electronic Log Book
• Easily Organize Time Slips
• Track Tune-Up Changes
• 2 ET Prediction Programs
• Throttle Stop Prediction
• Run Completer
• Tune Up Programs
• Estimated ET & HP
• Intermediate Time Analysis
• Expenses Tracing
• Maintinence Tracking
• Custom Editable Views
• Multiple Car Logging

Weather Variables
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Barometric Pressure
• Standard Correction Factor
• Density Altitude
• Air Density Ratio
• Dry Barometer
• Dew Point
• Wet Bulb
• Vapor Pressure
• Water Vapor (grains)
• Pressure Altitude

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