The Stingray Race Communications System

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The Stingray System comes complete and ready to go- including everything needed for the driver, car, and crew chief!

The Stingray race communication system with Motorola Mag One BPR40™ portable 2-way radios offers increased communication flexibility with features such as push-to-talk ID and selective call. This powerful radio system penetrates noisy environments and provides clear, crisp audio at any volume. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes the Mag One BPR40 radio comfortable to carry and operate.

Included for the Driver:
• Flex Boom Helmet Kit (RE705, 3-Conductor)
• Foam Ear Molds (RE1)

Included for the Car:
• Motorola MagOne BPR40™ Radio (8 Channels, UHF Signal)
• Push-To-Talk Switch (RE503)
• Car Harness (RE4302, 3-Conductor)
• Radio Mounting Box (RB-3)
• Metal Roof Mount Antenna (RE511-U)
• Antenna Adapter (A-ADP-BP)

Included for the Crew Chief:
• Motorola MagOne BPR40™ Radio (8 Channels, UHF Signal)
• 2-Way Headset (RE005)
• Radio Interface Cable (RE3736-FT)
• Professional Series Race Belt (RBELT-PRO)
• Equipment Storage Case (V93-CF)

Note: Helmet not included.

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