15 Lb Red Nitrous Bottle

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With Induction Solution's Max-Flow Valve, liquid filled gauge, and bottle nut in place their nitrous bottles are a complete package. They carry only quality nitrous bottles with top of the line components. A high grade aluminum cylinder with a thick, durable powder coat finish is the foundation of their bottles. The valves are their own Max-Flow valves that include a large 1/2″ siphon tube with flared pickup. The bottles are topped off with a racer safety, bottle nut, as well as, a 1-1/2″ liquid filled gauge installed. Their bottles are sold including all necessary pieces required to get the bottle filled and ran at the track!

When it comes to racing, we all know that weight is a crucial factor in speed, and every ounce you add needs power to move it. Check out the chart below for the skinny on Induction Solution's lightweight aluminium solutions. Not light enough? Check out their carbon fiber nitrous bottle.

Weight Details
Weights                  10lb Bottles      15lb Bottles
Filled Weight           23lbs 12oz        32lbs 10oz
Bottle Weight          13lbs 12oz        17lbs 10oz
Content Weight       10lbs                15lbs

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