Sales Tax

I haven't been charged sales tax in the past. Why now?
The laws around charging sales tax for products are changing due to a recent Supreme Court Decision, and for this reason we must charge sales tax in your state.

States that are currently being charged sales tax are below:
North Carolina

How much sales tax am I being charged?
The tax rate varies by location and is in accordance with your state and local laws.

What if I am tax exempt?
Please e-mail your appropriate state exempt-sales certification to

What is use tax?
Even if your purchase is not subject to sales tax, you may be required to pay use tax. Use tax is similar to sales tax; the difference is who pays the state. When you are charged sales tax, the merchant (RJ Race Cars, Inc.®) pays the sales tax to your state. When you are not charged tax on a taxable purchase you may be responsible for paying the use tax to your state at the same rate your sales tax is collected. 

For more information you should contact a Tax Professional or your states Department of Revenue.

I have additional questions, who can I talk to?
Please e-mail

Why is your competitor not charging sales tax?
RJ Race Cars, Inc. is complying with state laws and is unable to comment on the guidelines/compliance of other businesses. Failure to pay sales tax could result in state governed taxation at a later time.

This sales tax policy was last revised on January 8, 2024.