Ford 351C-460 Pro-Billet Distributor

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This Ford 351C-460 Pro-Billet Distributor features a special compact housing designed to be less obtrusive for Ford engines. The diameter of the special cap and housing are 5/8” smaller than stock Ford distributors providing extra room in front of the engine. The new MSD cap features spark plug style terminals and is firmly screwed down to the housing.

The distributor relies on MSD’s race proven magnetic pickup and precision reluctor to deliver accurate trigger signals to the MSD Ignition throughout high rpm. The reluctor assembly is turned by a hardened steel shaft which rides in a sealed ball bearing for high rpm stability and endurance.

Mounted to the top of this shaft is a fully adjustable mechanical advance assembly. The rate at which the chromoly assembly advances the timing is easily controlled by changing the supplied advance springs and stop bushing for total advance.

• Billet housing is 5/8” smaller in diameter than stock Ford distributors
• Must be used with a MSD 6, 7, or 8-series Ignition Control
• Supplied with small diameter cap with HEI style terminals and race rotor (will accept 8441 Cap-A-Dapt)
• Nylon pads ensure smooth operation of the advance weights
• Advance weight pins are staked and tig welded to the plate
• Mechanical advance assembly can be locked out for crank trigger systems
• Advance plate and weights are fine blanked from chrome moly steel and QPQ coated for friction reduction
• Polished steel shaft is QPQ coated and guided by a sealed ball bearing
• Maintenance-free magnetic pickup and precision reluctor create stable trigger signals throughout the rpm range
• CNC machined billet aluminum housing and billet aluminum base
• Easy-to-adjust mechanical advance with supplied springs and stop bushings

Note: Enclosed in this kit is a tube of camshaft and lifter lubricant to be used in the installation of your MSD Distributor. Apply a liberal amount to the distributor drive gear before installing in engine.

Click here to download the MSD-8577 Ford 351C-460 Pro-Billet Distributor instructions.

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