Stage Kit Cars


RJ Race Cars' Stage Kit Cars are available to meet your needs for any category of racing. From the Sportsman classes, to Pro Stock or Pro Mod, start with a RJ Welded Chassis and then choose what "stage" in the build to take your car home and finish it yourself!

It's never been so easy to save money, and build the racecar of your dreams at home! With a full line of RJ components availabe in kit form from our Quarter-Max parts department just one click or call away, there's nothing stopping you from getting the look and the performance edge you've always wanted on your competition.

Please call 309-343-7575 for current pricing and to order.

• RJ 4130 welded chassis built specifically for your racing category and the body style of your choice.

• Stage 1
• 9" Ford RJ custom-built 4130 sheet metal housing
• 4130 4-Link bars and heims
• 4130 wishbone and heims
• 4130 anti-roll bar and heims
• 4130 70" wheelie bars heims and hardware
• Strange double adjustable rear shocks and springs
• NAS bolt kit for rear suspension
• RJ/Strange Single Adjustable Ultra Strut
• Narrowed Rack and Pinion with tie rod tubes and heims
• NAS bolt kit for front suspension
• BBC motorplate
• Midmount for powerglide removeable 360° front driveshaft loop & 12" tunnel
• Strange steel rear brakes
• Strange axles, bearings & studs

• Stage 1
• Stage 2
• Fiberglass body kit BODY MOUNTED
• Polycarbonate window kit WINDOWS MOUNTED
• Window hardware
• Steel rocker panels
• Custom-molded fiberglass spoiler kit mounted
• Chute cord mount on chassis, single chute pack mount, chute cable and handle assembly
• RJF1 Low Back Scoop glassed to hood

• Stage 1
• Stage 2
• Stage 3
• Front mount 2-gal fuel cell and mount installed
• Carbon/glass seat installed
• Steering column installed
• Grant steering wheel and quick disconnect
• Quarter-Max brake and gas pedals installed
• Radiator mount installed
• Shifter mount installed
• Dash and gauge panel installed
• Carbon/glass ignition panel installed
• Dual battery mount installed
• Master disconnect installed
• 10 weight bar tabs installed in front, middle, and rear of car
• Seat belt mounts
• Window net mount and Stroud window net installed
• Strange master cylinder
• Brake lines and hurst roll control installed
• Single plug battery charge kit installed
• Door stops installed

• Powder coated chassis (semi gloss or gloss black)
• Body work and paint on outside not included
• Car assembled