Update Your Car



New Technology - If your car is behind the times and lacking the performance and consistency you want, bring it to the pros at RJ Race Cars to update to the latest chassis and suspension technology. We can install complete 4-link systems, anti-roll bar kits, pedals, hood scoops, wheelie bars, shocks, everything you need to be on leading edge of chassis technology.

Maintenance - If your car is more than 2 years old, it is getting worn, and it is time for a freshen up to keep your car safe, consistent, and at the top of your game. RJ Race Cars can freshen up your car with new rod ends, suspension components, safety equipment, and more to bring it up to date. Over time suspension components take a lot of abuse between runs and the elements. Rod ends wear out, and in extreme cases of tire shake, welds will crack. Without proper inspection and maintenance, it is inevitable that the weakest link will reach the point of failure. Bring your car to RJ Race Cars and have it inspected and freshened up.

Modifications - If you have bought a used car and need it custom tailored for your application, or need to update to the latest chassis and body rules, RJ Race Cars are pros at remounting engines and transmissions, installing or modifying tunnels, mounting hood scoops, changing pedals and driver controls, and any other needs you may have.

If you had an unfortunate incident on the track, and need it repaired quickly, choose the expert team at RJ Race Cars to get you back on track. Our professional staff with 30+ years experience will repair your chassis, fix or mount new body parts, inspect all the suspension components, and meticulously get your car back to square one.

Having problems getting your car down the track? Bring it to Rick & Rickie Jones. The Joneses will get you going in the right direction by setting up your rear suspension, shocks, struts, aligning the front end, setting ride heights, weight distribution, and more to get your car going straight down the track. For more information about our chassis setup and our tuning services visit our page about Jones Performance Consulting.

Call RJ Race Cars at 309-343-7575. Our experienced professional staff will make your car better than new.