Automatic Dual Bottle Heater Watchdog System

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This is for the nitrous racer that wants to maintain consistent bottle pressure when waiting in the lanes. It comes with Speedwire's automated pressure controller that the user can independently set the desired pressure, for example 950 to 1000 PSI or any desired pressure. Based on the transducer feedback, the controller will automatically turn on the bottle blankets as needed to maintain the set pressure. This eliminates the worry of leaving the blankets on for too long and constantly checking the pressures. This system allows the racer to "set it and forget it." The biggest advantage to this system as opposed to just using pressure switches, is that you are able to set the pressure you want, accuracy within .5%, repeatably with high accuracy compared to mechanical pressure switches. Power supply will come from either pit battery or external power source, not to deplete the power from the car battery. This kit comes with two pressure transducers, automated pressure controller, dual relay module for two bottles, and connectors for transducers and relay module.

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