Circle Track Digital Soft-Touch HEI Rev Limiter

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For use with GM style HEI distributors on V8 engines only.

The MSD Digital Soft-Touch HEI Rev Limiter is designed to plug into nearly any HEI distributor and produces an accurate, smooth rev limiting action. The rpm limit is adjustable from 3,000 – 9,900 rpm via two rotary dials with an easy-to-view LED to display the value. A unique feature of the this limiter is its ability to record the highest rpm reached during a race. This is useful information for the race team, as well as tech officials. Also, if the limiter loses any connection or is manipulated during a race a fault code will be displayed.

The Limiter is encased in epoxy for protection against the abuse of dirt track racing.

• Plugs into nearly any HEI Distributor
• Adjustable Rev Limit from 3000-9900 RPM
• Records highest rpm reached during race

Click here to download the MSD-8727CT Circle Track Digital Soft-Touch HEI Rev Limiter instructions.

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