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RJ Race Cars Writes the Book on Chassis Tuning

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Rickie Jones from RJ Race Cars gave us a look at their new publishing effort. Titled the Chassis Tuning Guide, this second edition gives the racer/reader insight and a hands-on approach to tuning drag race doorslammers.

“Dad wrote a book about 16-years ago on chassis tuning sciences,” Rickie explains. “We decided it was time for an update. It was even amazing to us how much has changed since the first effort. With our experience with Pro Stock and Pro Modified/Outlaw chassis applications, we started from scratch to develop this new book.”

Rickie Jones holds the Quarter-Max/RJ Race Cars new effort titled the Rick Jones Chassis Tuning Guide. Chapters are filled with everything ranging from squaring a chassis, 4-link, and ladder bar theories, to front suspension, shocks and springs, and much more. Rickie gave us a small tour through the book to exhibit how a racer can “read” their own car and be able to give it what it wants to perform better on the track. Racers want to know what caster, camber, and toe-in settings are. They want to learn how the car will behave if you adjust those settings one way or the other. That is just an example of the nuggets of education to a racer/reader.

“There are many more chapters than our first effort years ago,” Rickie says. “We made a special effort to recreate this book with a hands-on approach to tuning a door slammer with no complicated scientific formulas, but rather an easy to read and understand guide to what works and why. The only formulas and charts you will see in this book are ones that are designed to show you different options available to you and your car’s setup.”

The Joneses are firm believers your car will tell you what it wants/needs to give you its best performance. Maintenance and faithful document information in your logbook will help racers be equipped to understand what your car needs and how to tune it for better results on the race track.

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