Pro Drag Strut

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The Pro Drag Strut is the result of many years of development in drag racing combined with 20+ years of shock absorber technology used with success in the highest levels of Motorsport. The Pro Drag Strut is intended for use (and is approved for competition) in NHRA Pro Stock, NHRA Pro Mod, ADRL, IHRA Pro Stock, and IHRA Pro Mod classes.
This price is 1 pair of bare struts only.
Does not include these items below to make a complete strut package:
Carbon Brake kit(1 pair)
Right Steering Arm
Left Steering Arm
Steering Arm Bushing(quantity 6)
Hypercoil 8"(1 pair)
Spring Seat(quantity 2)
Thrust Bearing(quantity 2)
Thrust Bearing Race(quantity 2)
7/16"-20 Jet Nut(quantity 2)
3/8"-24 Nas Bolt(quantity 6)
3/8"-24 Jet Bolt(quantity 6)
7/16" AN Washer(quantity 2)
3/8" An Washer(quantity 6)
5/8"-18 Nut(quantity 2)
Spindle Nut Kit(quantity 2)
Arm Kit
Bearing Seal Kit
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