Quarter-Max Lightweight Carbon Fiber (Carbon/Carbon) Sheet, Square Foot

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Our carbon fiber flat sheets are available in a variety of sizes and in either carbon fiber/fiberglass or lightweight carbon fiber (carbon/carbon).

The lightweight carbon fiber flat sheets are constructed of carbon fiber and reinforced with carbon fiber backing.

The carbon fiber/fiberglass flat sheets are constructed of carbon fiber and reinforced with fiberglass backing. They weigh slightly more than carbon/carbon, but have the same finished appearance.

Our carbon fiber sheets provide an easy way to add styling and weight savings to the interior of your car. These sheets are used to make interior door panels, side tunnels, floorboard pieces, etc.

Save fabrication time by simply trimming a piece to fit the location you want and attach with screws, bolts, or quarter turn fasteners.

• Size: Varies - by the square foot
• Material: Carbon fiber/carbon fiber
• Thickness: .028 in.

Sold by the square foot. Please indicate the square footage your dimensioned size will require. Adjustments will be made in our office, if required. Must specify orientation of cut pieces. Be sure to include enough material in your order for trimming.

Made in the USA.

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by Square Foot
Lightweight Carbon Fiber
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