RaceAir Cloud Weather Station with Texting & Wind

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The RaceAir Cloud Racing Weather Station is the most accurate and comprehensive trailer weather station on the market. Computech gives you every weather variable you need including sunlight intensity and can deliver it to you through text message or your own pager. The text message feature will require an internet connection at the trailer.

The new RaceAir Cloud racing weather station has been re-designed to include wind speed, wind direction, sunlight intensity meter, text messaging, improved paging distance, new improved software, and comprehensive easy installation and storage.

Weather Variables: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Sunlight, Performance Altitude, Standard Correction, Density Altitude, Air Density Ratio, SAE Correction, Humidity Grains, Dew Point, Vapor Pressure, Wet Bulb, Pressure Altitude.

Features: New Easy To Use Software, Text Messaging (requires internet), Paging Capability (optional), Quick and Easy Pole Mounted Installation, Safe Trailer Storage Mount, 40′ of Extension Cable, Windows and Mac Compatible.

The RaceAir Cloud weather station has been engineered from the ground up to give every racer the most accurate weather information exactly when and where they need it. It is extremely easy to use and easy to put up and store. The RaceAir Cloud has wind cups that can be somewhat fragile, so Computech supplies you with a 90 degree wall mount that allows you to easily mount it safely out of the way. The RaceAir Cloud also utilizes a Wooster paint pole locking mechanism for quick and secure mounting. You even get the outdoor upper and lower trailer brackets and the expandable pole too.

The new sunlight intensity meter will give you a definitive value for exactly how sunny it was for each pass. We all know that the track reacts differently when the sun has been pounding down on it versus when the clouds are rolling in. With the new Sunlight value you can now measure the suns intensity in terms of Lux x 1,000. This allows you to see exactly when clouds came in and what effect they had on other weather variables and your performance.

The RaceAir Cloud also incorporates the ability to add Wind Speed & Wind Direction. Although wind isn’t consistent enough to truly put into a formula, knowing the wind speed and direction can go a long way to getting your car dialed down. This is especially true for Jr. Dragster and slower ET cars that are more likely to be effected by tail and head winds. The live weather widget will show you the live Wind Speed in MPH and the Wind Direction will be oriented in the direction of the track. If you look in the background you should see the outline of track going off in the distance to help understand how the wind is effecting you on the track.

The RaceBase Weather software has been completely re-designed, making it extremely easy to use. Instead of having to know which communication port you are on, the RaceBase software will automatically search for you and connect without you having to do anything. Simply open the software, plug in the weather station and turn it on. You can now easily log your weather, utilize the table for reference, analyze the graphs to correlate to performance easier than ever. And it is now Mac compatible!

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