Shock Travel Interface Module, LR, 48"

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This Interface module allows users to connect shock travel sensors directly to the high speed analog port on the V300SD, V500SD and G2X Pro data loggers.

Interface modules are another unique component of the V-series recorders. These black 7-pin modules differ from the blue 5-pin V-Net modules in both the application and the manner in which they perform. They are designed to provide a modular method of assembly for the sensors that connect to either the hardwired RPM or Analog input ports of V300SD, V500SD or G2X Pro data recorders. Each Interface module provides the necessary signal conditioning for its attached sensor thereby allowing the sensors to communicate with the Logger via a single cable.

Interface modules do not require any programming, however you may only attach up to four Interface module together in series, or they can be divided into two groups with a Tee module, as it is common when monitoring front and rear shock travel.

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