Timing Pro Timing Light, Inductive

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Expected ship date is Sep 14th 2018



This MSD Timing Light is perfect for working in a garage, outside in the sun, or anywhere else you need to check your timing. The light provides stable, reliable signals from 0 to 10,000 rpm. The patented flash, makes it easy to see your timing scale by being up to three times brighter than standard timing lights.

The MSD Light uses a metal inductive pickup that will not melt if accidentally touched against hot components like an exhaust manifold. A 6-foot leads provide plenty of reach from the battery to most timing indicators. The battery clamps are color-coded, insulated, and have a strong spring to ensure a tight, safe connection.

• Heavy duty
• Detachable leads
• Secure pick-up
• No retard as RPM increases
• Works with all ignition types

Click here to download the MSD-8992 Timing Pro Timing Light instructions.

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