Ultra Strut Package, Externally Adjustable, Lightweight Steel Brake Kit for Spindle Mount Wheels

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  • Strange Engineering PSS200 Ultra Strut Package, Externally Adjustable, Lightweight Steel Brake Kit for Spindle Mount Wheels
  • Strange Engineering Ultra Strut - Bare
  • Strange Engineering Ultra Strut - Top


Drag Race Use Only

For Spindle Mount Wheels

Require Wheels Designed For Anglia Spindles
These are not the same as Strange aluminum strut spindles

Compact design suits low profile body styles
Integral body & spindle allows piston to travel below spindle center-line
Provides additional stroke in a confined space and greater shaft stability

Externally adjustable for rate of extension
Allows fine tuning of front suspension

Strut Package Includes
Stud Mount Ultra Struts
• Stainless steel heat treated bodies – Made in USA
• Externally adjustable for extension rate
• Valved specifically for high horsepower vehicles
• Custom valving available
• Choice of 2.50″ or 3.50″ stroke
• 1″ internal travel limiter available on request
• Designed, machined, & assembled by Strange Engineering

Top Spring Seats with Encased Torrington® Bearings
• Reduces steering friction
• Allows height adjustments without springs binding

Billet Aluminum Steering Arms
• Provides stiffness while remaining lightweight
• Includes chrome moly rod ends for outer tie-rods

Timken® Bearings & Races
• Supplied to adapt Anglia style wheels
• Includes oil seals, washers, cotter pins, and spindle nuts

Lower Control Arm Fabrication Kit – S3418 / S3419
• Semi-finished TIG Welded 4130 lower control arms
• Inner tubing adapters
• Teflon® lined spherical ball LCA bearings
• Choice of 7/16″ or 1/2″ Teflon® lined chrome moly rod ends
• NAS bolts, ESNA flanged locking nuts, & 3AN washers

Premium Hyperco Springs
• Chrome silicone steel
• Magnaflux inspected
• Dark blue powder coated
• Choice of spring rate

Spindle Mount Brake Kit – B4600WC
• One piece forged slotted steel rotors with 1″ offset
• Single 1 3/4″ piston billet aluminum calipers
• Slider assemblies featuring Garlock bearings
• Soft metallic brake pads
• Billet aluminum caliper mounts

Brake hoses and lines are not included
Calipers are tapped 1/8″ NPT and supplied with male 3 AN fittings

Provides the most weight transfer

3.50″ With 1″ Internal Travel Limiter – 2.50″ Stroke
When the taller body is preferred, but with less stroke

The most compact version of this strut

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