Ford 5.0L Pro-Billet Distributor

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This Ford 5.0L Pro-Billet Distributor uses a stock-style trigger pick-up to accept factory connectors. For installation, you simply remove the stock distributor and bolt the Pro-Billet MSD in place. Each model is supplied with a high-quality cap with brass terminals for full spark delivery, heavy-duty rotor and a special gear to work with factory camshafts.

• CNC machined housing
• Increased outer hardened layer thickness (RC 55-60)
• Micro polished surface for smooth contact
• Proprietary formulated ductile iron
• Melonite QPQ coated reduces friction and initial wear
• Interstitial carbide concentration improves wear resistance

Note: Enclosed in this kit is a tube of camshaft and lifter lubricant to be used in the installation of your MSD Distributor. Apply a liberal amount to the distributor drive gear before installing in engine.

Click here to download the MSD-8456 Ford 5.0L Pro-Billet Distributor instructions.

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