GM Dual Connector Coil

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Each GM Dual Connector Coil has a unique turns ratio plus there is lower primary resistance than the stock coil. This all amounts to a bolt-in replacement coil that produces more output voltage. The coils will work with stock ignition systems as well as MSD equipped cars and trucks.

• Direct performance replacement for GM dual connector coil
• 100:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output
• Works with stock ignition as well as MSD Ignitions
• CARB E.O. Approved

• Inductance: 5.6 mH
• Maximum voltage: 44,000 Volts
• Peak current: 220 mA
• Primary resistance: .68 OHMs
• Secondary resistance: 4.8K OHMs
• Spark duration: 300 uS
• Turns ratio: 100:1

Click here to download the MSD-8226 GM Dual Connector Coil instructions.

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