7AL-2 Plus Ignition Control

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You’ll recognize the 7AL-2 Plus Ignition Control, as its predecessor is the most popular ignition control used in drag racing. The “Plus” model updates the original 7AL-2 with improved internal components with an added a 2-Step Rev Control and diagnostic LED. The mounting pattern is the same as the 7AL-2 and is supplied with vibration mounts and a few rpm modules.

• Built-in 2-Step rev control
• Operates on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines
• Diagnostic Troubleshooting LED
• Terminal strips for convenient hookup

• Current Draw: 6 Amps Per 6,000 RPM; 12 Amps at 12,000 RPM
• Primary Voltage: 570 Volts
• RPM Range: 14,000 RPM with 14.4 Volts
• Secondary Voltage: 47,000 Volts
• Spark Energy: 160 mJ/spark
• Spark Series Duration: 20° Crankshaft Rotation
• Voltage Required: 12-18 Volts, Negative Ground

Click here to download the MSD-7222 7AL-2 Plus Ignition Control instructions.

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