4130 Welded 25.1 Pro Stock Chassis

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$11,999.99 - Please call 309-343-7575 to order


Our custom built Pro Stock chassis is designed to meet the special demands of your chosen class. Each welded RJ chassis is fabricated by skilled craftsmen and heli-arc tig welded on a surface plate jig to achieve maximum precision and unmatched quality. At RJ Race Cars, Inc., each chassis is designed to use 4130 tubing and meet SFI 25-1E specifications.

Full Bodied Car Tube Chassis Roll Cage
7.49 Seconds E.T. and Quicker, 2,800 Lbs. Maximum

When buying an RJ 4130 Chromoly chassis, you will be receiving the best quality available anywhere in the sport. Our welded chassis comes complete with the included brackets listed below welded in place. Additional mounts can be installed. Our chassis are welded by skilled professionals who weld chassis everyday. When it comes time to build your new car, get it built by the people who know how a chassis should be built. Why take chances with something as important as the chassis of your car?

Included Bracket List:
- 4130 Chromoly 4-link chassis brackets 1/4” thick and doubler brackets
- Upper rear shock mounts
- Rear driveshaft loop
- Funny car cage
- Motorplate mounts
- Mid-Plate mounts
- Rack & pinion mounts
- Upper & lower strut mounts
- Billet Wishbone mounts

- Adjustable 4-Link Bracket - Add $1,999.99
- Adjustable Strut Mount - Add $999.99
- Extreme Anti-Roll Bar - Add $1400.00

This item ships by truck freight only. Please call 309-343-7575 to order.

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